**********NEW UPDATE*************

~~~~~~NUCLEAR CROWN~~~~~~Collect chests to gain points and avoid obstacles :)

Since we all know the intensity, awesomeness, and thrill in every game of Vlambeer specially the Nuclear Throne which is very popular, i decided to make my own version of NT in low res mode. :)

I did this because im really addicted to NT. And i think this is a dream come true. :3

(To activate 2 Players mode - press #2 button)
(To activate 1 Player mode - press #1 button)

Player 1:

  • W,A,S,D - to move
  • H - to shoot
  • R - Restart
  • SPACE - Confirm

Player 2:

  • Arrow Keys
  • Numpad 1 - to shoot

Yellow Chest - 2 POINTS (+1 Bullet)
Red Chest - 5 POINTS
White Chest - 10 POINTS (Revive your ally *available for 2 Player mode)

I really love Vlambeer games, hope i can show it by this. :)

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Published3 years ago
Tagslowrez, nuclearcrown, vlambeer